Umbis Gicks

gnome cleric (trickery domain)


“Gicks, Umbis Gicks……. At my service.”__
Umbis hails from the city of Waterdeep, raised on the streets and taught to trick, steal, kill to make a way in the world.
Umbis met Glasstaff in Waterdeep one dark and ominous evening. Glasstaff promised him power, money, opportunity, and then he turned him into a rat.
Thankfully, a group of adventures helped save Umbis from his fate.
Seeing this is the kind of party that makes money and has excitement, what with traveling with a lycan and a dragon, Umbis decided to travel with the party some more and get some work in the process.
Recently, Umbis faced down a green dragon with the barbarian and a ranger they met in the woods……
The dragon buckled and ran from Umbis’ power.


Umbis Gicks

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